How to Prepare for Your Annual Wellness Exam

A wellness exam provides a great opportunity to talk with your doctor about bothersome symptoms and to receive updates on your health.

Many chronic diseases, including heart disease and Type 2 diabetes, don’t have any obvious symptoms. If you don’t schedule regular check-ups, you can live with a serious condition for years and not know about it until you begin to experience complications.

If you’re due for an annual wellness visit, we’re here to help. Here are a few tips from Dr. Roza Israel and Dr. Igor Israel, our board-certified physicians at I & R Medical Services, PC, to prepare you for your annual physical exam.

Bring copies of your medical records and test results

If this is your first visit with I & R Medical Services, bring copies of your medical records. Your medical history and test results shed light on risk factors, and they can provide important clues to your doctor about what to do next.

For example, if you were previously diagnosed with hypertension and tests indicate you have high cholesterol, our experts may recommend new tests to track the progress of your condition. In some cases, they may refer you to a specialist for further investigation.

You also should come to your wellness visit prepared with a list of medical conditions that your family members have had. Your family health history helps your doctor assess your risk factors. 

If both of your parents have hypertension, for instance, our specialists may recommend a diet rich in vegetables and lean meats. We may also schedule blood pressure checks more often to track your progress and catch the condition early. 

Make a list of the medications and supplements you take daily

Your doctor always needs to know what supplements and medications you take. Although supplements may seem harmless, some may be dangerous when combined with certain prescription drugs. You can avoid dangerous interactions by letting your doctor know about any teas, herbal tinctures, and vitamins you consume.

Make a list of any symptoms you’re experiencing

If you’re generally healthy and only visit with your doctor once a year for an annual exam, this wellness visit is your chance to discuss new symptoms or concerns that have arisen since your last visit. If you notice any small changes to your health, let your doctor know.

Some serious illnesses don’t present any noticeable symptoms until the condition reaches an advanced stage. For example, two often-overlooked symptoms of Type 2 diabetes are thirst and frequent urination. The pain associated with Type 2 diabetes doesn’t appear until the later stages of the disease when your peripheral nerves are already damaged.

At I & R Medical Services, we provide a thorough physical examination and often perform or order tests to reveal the general state of your health. We aim to help you get a better understanding of what your symptoms mean and work with you to develop a plan to get and stay healthy.

Don’t put off this important wellness visit. Contact us today by calling the office in Forest Hills, New York, or using our online request form to schedule your annual physical exam and receive expert advice regarding your overall health.

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