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Testimonial from Vitta, Tatyana (began CMWL program on 11/08/2015):
“I can’t overstate how grateful I am for all the help, the motivation, and the direction this clinic has given me.  My doctor, Dr. Rosa Israel, has been there for me every step of the way.  She made me realize how the food I was eating was affecting me, gave me helpful tips on how I can eat out and still stay on course with my diet so that it doesn’t affect my personal life, my business and my family time, and how I can help myself, not just to lose weight, but to feel better, be stronger and physically more active, and take care of myself and my health.  Her insight, medical expertise, advice, and somber and truthful outlook has been invaluable, and her staffs’ unrelenting optimism, guidance, and patience were all key factors in my success.  As a result of the diligence of the staff of the center, constant feedback from them, and helpful recommendations whenever I was feeling discouraged and pessimistic, I not only lost 40 lbs., I replaced most of the remaining fat with muscle, got back in shape, and went from a size 12 to a size 4 in my clothes. I am in better shape than I was when I was 30, and found muscles in my body that I never knew I had.  My physical strength is at my top peak.  My skinny jeans and skinny dresses are now too big for me, and I had to get a new wardrobe.

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More Inspiring Stories:

Testimonial from Grant, Gale (began CMWL program on 07/17/2013):
“The Center for Medical Weight Loss has changed my life. I have lost nearly 100 pounds in a little over a year. I can hardly believe it! At the age of 49, I began my journey to a new life and found the Center for Medical Weight Loss. Prior to visiting the center I was diagnosed with hypertension and prescribed two medications to control my blood pressure. My lower back and knees ached all the time and exercise was non-existent for me because I was tired all the time. I really did not feel good about myself. Now I am nearly 100 pounds lighter and I look and feel fantastic. It is all thanks to Dr. Roza Israel; week after week her optimism helped me stay on track. The shakes and bars also made it easy for me to stay on track. With every calorie being measured, I did not have to guess. Although my journey is not yet complete, I have the tools to succeed. Thank you, Dr. Israel and the staff of the Center for Medical Weight Loss.”
– Gale Grant

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Testimonial from Grant, Yolanda (began CMWL program on 07/17/2013):
“Before coming to the Center for Medical Weight Loss, I weighed 281 pounds and my eating schedule was non-existent at best. Many mornings I would not eat until mid-morning or afternoon. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure ten years ago and put on medication. I knew that I had poor eating habits, a family history of hypertension and gaining weight. That is when I knew I had to make a change and commit to gaining control of my high blood pressure with diet and exercise. After a year on this program, I have lost 80 pounds. I love how physically fit I feel now. I can run, jump and push myself. I feel full of energy, and I love how being healthy feels. If you’re just starting the program, you have to trust the process. Things are going to be hard. It is difficult to make this lifestyle change, but it is so worth it. Do it for yourself and nobody else. I have learned that you will only do it if you really want it. The self discipline makes reaching your goals that much more rewarding.”
– Yolanda Grant

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Patient JA: Joyanne Amsterdam
A patient of the Center for Medical Weight Loss Program: Forest Hills as of September 2015. Patient JA came in with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 36. Initially Patient JA signed up with the Accelerated Plus (Quickstart Program) for 6 weeks, and then switched to the Modified Program. Over 3 months, Patient JA lost 25.5 lbs of total weight and 17 lbs of fat. Patient JA also decreased her Body Mass Index (BMI) from 36 to 31 and is currently continuing her CMWL program.


Testimonial from Burke, Jean (began CMWL program on 07/22/2015):
“I have struggled for years with being healthy & losing excess weight. Especially after having 2 children! Dr. Israel, her staff & the Center for Medical Weight Loss program really changed my life & helped me lose 28 lbs. Now, I have more energy & more confidence in myself!”
-Jean Burke

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