Medical Weight Loss, Queens

cmwl_logoI & R Medical services PC specializes in Internal Medicine and Medical Weight Loss, offering comprehensive health care to adults. This includes general physical examinations, treatment of acute medical illnesses and the ongoing care of chronic medical diseases. We also provide preventive and screening medical services. Our Medical Center believes that patient care is best delivered through an individual patient/doctor relationship so that continuity of care is possible. In the increasingly complex world of medicine, we will also help coordinate your care among necessary specialty referrals. I & R Medical Services PC strive to provide the highest level of health care by focusing on both the emotional and physical well-being of its patients.

With over thirty years of experience, Dr. Roza Israel and Dr. Igor Israel have been recognized as top physicians and internists by organizations across the country. Both physicians specialize in geriatric medicine and they value every patient to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Meet Our Specialists:

Both Dr. Igor and Roza Israel concentrate their attention on preventative medicine because it is easier to prevent the disease rather than to treat it. In the office you will interact with the physician, not a physician assistant or nurse practitioner. They both strongly believe that it’s very important for the patient to have direct communication with the physician throughout entire visit.

Dr. Igor and Dr. Roza Israel believe that people deserve the best medical care, and best medical care can be received in I & R Medical Services, P.C.